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About us

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Egyptian for Electrical Earthing co. EERECO is an engineering company specialized in the field of Earthing and Lightning Protection systems.

The scope of services provided by EERECO includes consulting, engineering, execution and testing as well as offering professional support to our client in a broad range from low voltage to high voltage.

With our business philosophy "high quality, inexpensive, quality service", we have obtained a vast custumer base and as well a wide range of poteitial customers and became the top service provider of many famous enterprises.

EERECO offers a wide range of products belonging to well-known manufacturers such as earth rods, earth conductors, ESE lightning rods, connectors and clamps, distribution bars, exothermic welding, and manholes as integrated solutions at a very competitive cost.

These products have been widely used in the earthing works (protective earthing, functional earthing and anti-static earthing) of petrochemicals, communications, data centers, airports, railways, commercial and residential facilities

Copper Clad steel earth rods
EERECO Engineering services include:

  • Soil resistivity surveys:
  • Key to creating effective earthing
  • Multiple readings taken to ensure safe and accurate
  • Analysis & earthing design:
  • Engineered designs to meet client specifications.
  • Range of detailed


3) Lightning protection Solutions:

  • Team of experienced
  • Risk assessment complying to latest

4) Earth resistance testing:

  • Verification of earthing design through
  • Experienced team of engineers with full understanding of electrode testing.

Compliance . . .

EERECO  designs comply with all recognized standards - national and international such as:

  • BS 7430 Code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations
  • IEEE Std 80 IEEE Guide for safety in AC substation grounding
  • NFPA 780 Standard for the installation of lightning protection systems
  • NF C 17102- Early streamer emission Lightning protection systems
  • BS EN 50522 - Earthing of power installations exceeding 1.k V AC
  • BS EN/IEC 62305 Protection against lightning