Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Management

EERECO provides specialist services for investigating, identifying and managing corrosion related deterioration of critical metallic and reinforced concrete infrastructure. Our experienced and qualified corrosion staff is available to work with you, to develop sustainable, life extension solutions for your infrastructure.

EERECO engineering services include the selection, design and specification of corrosion management solutions based on galvanic and impressed current CP, as well as testing, maintenance and inspection of your cathodic protection systems.

EERECO provides cost-effective, sustainable, life extension cathodic protection solutions using high-quality materials that performed by qualified service technicians and survey crews, for various types of structures such as:

  • Reinforced concrete structures including bridges, ports/harbours marinas, desalination and sea water cooling facilities, and earth retaining structures
  • Submerged metallic structures including foundations, ports/harbours and marinas, desalination and sea water cooling facilities, tunnels, earth retaining structures, pipelines, tanks, pumps, seawater intake and screening equipment
  • Buried metallic structures including foundations, pipelines, tanks, tunnels and earth retaining structures


  1. Anodes:
    • Magnesium Anodes
    • Sacrificial Zinc Anodes
    • Silicon Iron Anodes
    • Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes
  2. Transformer Rectifiers
    • Air Cooled / Oil Cooled TR's
    • Remote Monitoring For TR's
  3. Junction Boxes
    • Positive
    • Negative
    • Bond Junction Boxes
  4. CP Cables & Accessories
    • Cable XLPE/PVC
    • Cable PVDF / HMWPE
    • Cable HMWPE
    • Vent Pipe
    • Thermo-Weld